It was the sixth biggest event in the history of the internet

There’s only one story around at the moment…and that’s the Royal Wedding.   And with such a massive focus on the ceremony between Prince William and Kate Middleton it was hardly surprising that millions turned to the internet to check out the latest details. Global news traffic peaked at around 1.30pm British time yesterdayAkamai, at 5.3million … [Read the full story]

Do you take this chicken piece to be your lawful wedded bargain bucket

Newlyweds and guests enjoyed a bargain-bucket wedding reception at their local KFC. Gary Pritchard who is out of work and Kalli Buchan got married in Bristol, England…and then they tucked into their Kentucky meals with 30 friends and family. Among the guests were Kalli’s parents, who held their reception at McDonald’s over 22years ago. So what we have … [Read the full story]

Robbie Williams wants a gay baby

Robbie Williams has revealed that he wants a ‘Gay Baby’ with his new wife Ayda Field. The newlyweds are keen to start a family as soon as possible, but personally, I think that the world could do without Cockhead Williams offspring. Because if he has a child that turns out to be gay, it’ll be … [Read the full story]