Tommy Taylor’s SRU

How would Australian police have handled Lindsay Lohan this week? Maybe we are more used to using common sense and not jumping to conclusions. It reminds me of a story I was told many years ago. Rex Harrison was a very famous star and loved by his fans. However, unknown to them, he was a … [Read the full story]

What do YOU think?

In the newspapers from the UK was a story about two insults to the nation by Muslims. Allegedly during a poppy day parade a Muslim burnt a poppy. He was fined around $100. Another Muslim allegedly drew graffiti on a wall and was fined. Two  UK citizens allegedly drew a small poppy on a mosque … [Read the full story]

Kindle will overtake the traditional book

Many doubted it would ever rival the traditional paperback. But the Kindle has become Amazon’s most popular product of all time, selling an estimated eight million this year. The device, which allows users to download and read digital copies of books and newspapers, threatens to consign printed books to history. It appeals to consumers whose … [Read the full story]