Do you talk to your kids?

I think the thing I miss most is being able to talk to my grandad. My grandchildren don’t listen to me they play on their X-boxes. Are there too many electrical gadgets around today to influence our children with ipods, Wii, play stations, dvd players and television. When I was young I used to sit … [Read the full story]

Don’t jump off the roof, mum!

When I was young comedy was king. TV and films were a riot of slapstick and rude humour. Laurel and Hardy were masters, and on the stage comedians like Max Miller could cause a riot with his speedy quips. Norman Wisdom held audiences in the palm of his hand both on screen and on radio … [Read the full story]

Sir Norman Wisdom dies laughing and joking

COMEDY legend Sir Norman Wisdom died joking until the end, the star’s family revealed yesterday. The 95-year-old even planned a quip from BEYOND the grave – a tombstone inscribed: “Eee, he was old.” Daughter-in-law Kim Wisdom told how the film and TV veteran never stopped wisecracking despite being plagued by strokes and dementia. A day … [Read the full story]