Will Turnbull pay attention to Indigenous issues?

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has been in conversation with Indigenous Advisory Chairman, Warren Mundine. Turnbull has purportedly committed to working with Mundine on Indigenous issues. Warren Mundine was very angry and upset when he wasn’t consulted before calling a Royal Commission into the abuse in the Northern Territory detention centres, Mundine has been pushing the government … [Read the full story]

“X” could mark a rewrite of OZ history

Five copper coins and a nearly 70-year-old map with an “X” might lead to a discovery that could rewrite Australia’s history. Australian scientist Ian McIntosh, currently Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University in the US, plans an expedition in July that has stirred up the archaeological community. The scientist wants to revisit the location where … [Read the full story]

“Dingo took my child” case is re-opened

A fourth inquest has been opened into the most notorious and bitterly controversial legal drama in Australia’s history: the 1980 death of a nine-week-old baby whose parents say was taken by a dingo from her tent in the Outback. Azaria Chamberlain’s mother, Lindy, was convicted and later cleared of murdering her and has always maintained … [Read the full story]

Naked man chases women burglars down the street

A naked man chased two women burglars after he caught them red-handed pinching things from his Northern Territory unit. The man disturbed the women inside his Darwin unit last week. Watch Commander Greg Pusterla said the man chased the women outside his Larrakeyah flat, then realised he was naked, went back to put on some clothes … [Read the full story]

Horny Ghost’s exist in Australia

A ghost has become very fond of a woman in the Northern Territory and thinks that he wants to stay and haunt her…oh yeah…and his name is Kevin. Kevin once tried to drag her out of bed in the middle of the night. “I was asleep,” she said. “I woke up when someone grabbed my … [Read the full story]

Operation Unite to tackle boozy Australia

Australia’s boozy culture is the reason for most street crime, the NSW Police Commissioner said. Police launched Operation Unite on Friday night as part of a nationwide crackdown on alcohol abuse and violence-only to encounter a horror weekend. Despite thousands of extra officers being deployed in known trouble spot on Friday and Saturday nights, a … [Read the full story]

Giant croc’s mates spotted in the Territory

Fears are growing after the fully grown pals of this monster croc were spotted in the Northern Territory The monster was the largest of three saltwater crocs terrorising locals back in 1997. It was caught and killed 13 years ago in Manangoora, 1,000km south west of Darwin, by Jeida Francis’s family after it started eating … [Read the full story]