So bored with Australian coverage of US election

Am I the only one in Australia to be overwhelmingly bored stiff with the television coverage of the US election? Do I care who is competing for the presidential race? Bad manners, diatribe, accusations, rigging,  criminal threats…these are only a few of the  digs at the opponents. The whole affair is a nightmare, a soap opera, … [Read the full story]

Vandas Voice – news review

Ecuador kidnapping of Australian girl was resolved peacefully. Attack on Julia Gillard and her dad was not giving her a fair go…shame on you. Twilight pair are back together are they the two leads in the proposed Grey movie…nah. More photographs of Kate Middleton now caught with her bikini briefs in disarray. It’s time Harry … [Read the full story]

Damon Albarn has a new band

Most musicians have an odd side project to distract them from the day job – but Damon Albarn has about ten on the go. He must have a nightmare trying to remember where he’s supposed to be each day. The Blur frontman has already released an African music charity album and launched an opera, Dr … [Read the full story]