Trump – a Bull in a China shop

Donald Trump it seems has no diplomacy on switch. He’s a business man, surely he has another mode aside from the ‘Bull in a China shop’, which he manages to adopt for most of his breathing day. Why would the President of the United States of America be provoking other countries with his claim that … [Read the full story]

Adam the Atheist – Lessons from the Bible

Hello. My name is Adam (it really is). My surname isn’t Atheist, but I am an atheist…and for good a reason.  It’s that Christmasy, bollocky time of year again. I’m not a miserable Scrooge – I’m just a normal person that doesn’t believe in religious shit – please…keep reading. Here’s a strange story from the … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Oh boy, this is right up my street. I mean really…this is…I’ll say it again…right up my street. She’s not only hot, she’s extremely hot. I don’t think you can get much more perfect than this hottie. I often go on about how I’d love to meet, marry, do whatever etc., to these beautiful women … [Read the full story]

You MUST get into Westworld – it’s quality

My normal brief for Ozzie News is the movies and film awards. But I have been really impressed with the TV series Westworld. You can tell if a series is going to be a success by the quality of the scripts and the employment of great actors. Since Game of Thrones there really has not … [Read the full story]

She’s hot – Michelle Hunziker

At last ! We’ve found out the name of the She’s Hot Ozzie News (SHON) for 2012. Her name is none other than Michelle Hunziker. And a big thank you to “A” (the same person who let us know about Gemma Atkinson) for informing us of the wonderful Michelle. Hot C…or should I say Michelle … [Read the full story]

The winner of ‘She’s Hot Ozzie News 2012’ is…

Well, it’s now time to reveal the She’s Hot Ozzie News (SHON) 2012 winner. They are all winners really. I know that’s a bit of a cliche…but it’s true. None of the She’s Hot are munters. We’re going to list the top 10 She’s Hot for 2012, starting from ten going down to the number … [Read the full story]

Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012. This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012. The criteria is anything you want it to be. You may like the artistic pose, the quality of … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Hello everyone. We don’t know who this is, and we don’t know who sent it in. But she is a babe and I know you’d all want to be doing things…or even watching things being done to her very ample upper body…yes…her breasts…tits…whatever they’re called. Just a quick thanks to “A” and to “kokjodkj” for … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Good morning everyone. You may (and probably) already be awake,  or you may be having a bit an of a lie-in. But, whichever it is, and whoever you are…this is surely the way to wake up…by feasting your eyes on this beauty of beauties. OK…I admit, she may have too many clothes on, but she … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU (Sunday Round-Up)

Another week of spin and pollies ducking the issues they promised when elected. Both parties highlighted issues relating to education, policing and health. Crime is increasing…especially violent crime. The promise of more police officers recruited to the force has been a miserable failure. There’s going to be more doctors and nurses to boost our hospitals … [Read the full story]

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