Born to be piled

A man awaiting the birth of his first child at hospital was mistaken for a patient and given a haemorrhoid operation in Shenyang, China. After waiting less than an hour, the expectant father was beckoned inside but did not hear clearly what the doctor said and thought he was being taken to a room to … [Read the full story]

Fart pants filter out smell of flatulence

If you’re the type of person who would kick someone out of bed for breaking wind, then this range of underwear could be for you. The Shreddies pants contain Zorflex, used in chemical warfare suits, and its makers claim they can filter odours 200 times stronger than the average ‘emission’. The carbon material is apparently … [Read the full story]

Spanx boss gets flashed by women all the time

As she opens her first ever stand-alone store, the inventor, founder and owner Spanx Sara Blakely has spoke about her company’s phenomenal success. Spanx made almost $250 million in sales last year without spending any money on advertising, with women everywhere sharing their love for the slimming under garment through word-of-mouth. And they aren’t shy … [Read the full story]

Gaga gets spanked

Lady Gaga gets spanked by a scantily-clad girl in a new online clip. The pop star pokes her bum in the direction of two hot-tub hotties, one of whom duly obliges by slapping each of Gaga’s cheeks. The 15-second teaser for new tune Cake…shot by celebrated photographer Terry Richardson…begins with the singer crawling up to … [Read the full story]

Kylie shows Cheryle Cole how it’s done

Kylie Minogue showed Cheryl Cole how it’s done last night as she danced and sang LIVE in skimpy hot pants. She got a standing ovation with new single Timebomb. Kylie sang her latest track Timebomb to celebrate 25 years in the music industry. An eyewitness in the audience said: “Kylie was definitely singing live and … [Read the full story]

More women carry spare knicks…just in case

Thousands of women all over the world cringed when Bridget Jones’ granny knickers were exposed during a steamy date. And it seems we are taking precautions to make sure we don’t find ourselves in a similar situation. A survey has revealed than an astonishing 43 per cent of women carry around a pair of sexy … [Read the full story]

Beckham DOESN’T stuff socks down his pants

His huge underwear posters have been the subject of much discussion, and most of it isn’t about the pants. But David Beckham has finally set the record straight and revealed he has never resorted to stuffing his underwear to make his manhood appear bulkier. The 36-year-old soccer has posed in his pants for several adverts … [Read the full story]

Pull ya pants up, Billie Joe!

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong was ejected from a US flight recently after a dispute over his pants. The frontman was booted off a Southwest Airlines flight in Oakland bound for Los Angeles, after being told to hike up his trousers by an air stewardess. He wrote shortly afterwards on his Twitter page … [Read the full story]

Dumb flasher

If the police come back to ask you about a man who’s been exposing himself, don’t answer the door with your pants around your ankles. A woman with two children, 8 and 10 years old, told police that a man exposed himself to her, dropping his trousers and wiggling his hips. And police say when … [Read the full story]

Soft porn in Suburbia

A FAMILY were shocked when they allowed a group of young women to pose for pictures in their garden — and it turned into a SOFT PORN shoot. The sexy girls asked the Glovers if they could use their countryside village estate as the setting for “promotional” shots for their new “brochure”. But when they … [Read the full story]