Children equals no romance, a new survey reveals

Looking forward to the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Kiss goodbye to romance. A survey of 3,000 parents, found new parents go out together 15 times over the first five years because they feel guilty for wanting time away from their child. by Susan Floyd

Parents let their kids rule the roost

In decades past, children were seen and not heard while parents made decisions based on what suited them – without consulting their offspring. But thanks to the increasingly child-centric culture, parents make all big family decisions based on the needs and wants of their children, new research has revealed. Nine out of 10 parents now … [Read the full story]

Shakira and boyfriend fake giving birth

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique pretended to become parents for the first time in an April Fool’s-style prank. Barcelona soccer ace Gerard took to Twitter to break the “happy news” to unsuspecting fans of the couple. He wrote: “Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thank you to everyone for your messages!” … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

I don’t know how to report the news this week. The darkest time for all of us, especially parents…its cruel how the wickedness in some people can destroy the lives of so many. At Christmas time we enjoy the friendship and happiness of our families and there’s (or at least there should be) peace to … [Read the full story]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z show photos of baby Blue

Beyoncé and Jay-Z today surprised fans by sharing the first pictures of their baby, Blue Ivy Carter. The proud parents posted a series of intimate portraits of their beloved daughter, who was born just over a month ago. Instead of selling their first baby pictures to a glossy magazine for millions the music megastar couple … [Read the full story]

Children and the ‘nag factor’

It may not surprise many mothers out there, but there’s now scientific proof linking childrens’ ‘nag factors’ and exposure to marketing. The more familiar a child is with a character used in selling the product, the more likely they are to nag parents for that product, according to new research. And that nagging can take … [Read the full story]

Kids today are fat fucks and need to be punished

Children in care might not be ideal, but it is better than an institution, which would serve only to make a child feel punished. Already we know that the number of obese adults has tripled since 1980, we know that obesity causes 13,000 cancers a year, and we know of its effects in terms of heart … [Read the full story]

Court name child because parents couldn’t agree

A court has been forced to step in and choose the name of a two-year-old girl after her parents split up before she was born and could not agree what to call her. The little girl was yet to have her birth registered, with each parent calling her by a different name. The Family Court … [Read the full story]

Passion killers haven’t really changed over the years – here’s the top 10

We live very different lives to those of our parents but, surprisingly, our pet hates haven’t changed much over the years. The result of a survey of 2000 Australian adults in long-term relationships turned up a rather familiar list of gripes that most of us have about our partners. 1. They’ve put on weight. 2. … [Read the full story]

Teenage girl putting her point across to the Saints…which is…?

The teenage girl who posted nude photos of St Kilda AFL players has continued her campaign against the club, turning up to its first training run for the new year. After alerting Twitter followers she attended the Saints training in Melbourne today. The teenager arrived at the Seaford training ground with dozens of handmade posters … [Read the full story]

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