Meatloaf calls his critics, ‘Butt Smellers’

Meat Loaf has slammed AFL bosses as “jerks” and labelled critics of his performance at the grand final as “butt smellers”. In an explosive interview, the 64-year-old US singer vowed to convince other artists not to perform on the biggest day of the AFL calendar. Meat Loaf’s performance at the MCG was described by punters … [Read the full story]

Drug testing for NFL is way stricter than AFL

Drug testing in the NRL has been compared to Olympic standards with every player in the game a target to be blood tested for human growth hormone (HGH), erythropoietin (EPO) and illicit or performance-enhancing drugs. In a timely wake-up call to every player before the Christmas silly season, The testers from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping … [Read the full story]