Does ‘get knotted’ mean, ‘do yoga’?

Hello to all my fans. It’s good to be back after my holiday in India. Thank you for all your comments on my last article about test match cricket. My English is not good enough to understand the colloquial terms used by some of my fans. I once spoke to my Guru and asked him … [Read the full story]

Tax in OZ, sounds like an unpalatable medicine

When you see a group of pollies join together to discuss taxes, beware.  The outcome of three days planning on the future of taxes in Australia always results in the same outcome. Future predictions of increases to tax allowances and changes to current tax levels. The immediate effect is to set up a forum to … [Read the full story]

Parking sucks…money out of your pocket

Drivers waste nearly a year of their lives finding somewhere to park, a study has revealed. Most spend up to 15 minutes per journey looking for a space, adding up to 8,325 hours, or 347 days. It costs approximately $50,000 extra in petrol, according to Allianz Insurance, which has launched a parking application for mobiles. … [Read the full story]

What are you REALLY eating? Yes, you ARE being mislead

For food manufacturers, ‘flavoured’ and ‘flavour’ mean totally different things. The first, very importantly, means natural ingredients are used in the production. However, the second means that the ‘flavour’ can be artificial — created by a chemical such as isoamyl acetate, an organic compound formed from isoamyl alcohol and acetic acid. It is often used … [Read the full story]