I hate Pommie soaps, but take a look at Roxanne

I don’t usually care much for Pommie soap-operas…Eastenders and Coronation Street etc. are just plain shit, but I have taken a bit of a shine to soap-star favourite Roxanne Pallett. The 29-year-old stars in ‘Emmerdale’ and has been cast as the lead female in an upcoming six-month theatre tour of The Rocky Horror Show. And … [Read the full story]

Dog calls police and saves his own life

George, a 2-year-old Basset Hound from West Yorkshire, UK, was strangled by a phone cord…and miraculously saved his own life by calling 999, the British equivalent of 000. George knocked over a heavy-duty, old-fashioned phone in owner Steve Brown’s home; he became tangled in the cord and wound up with it wrapped around his neck. … [Read the full story]

Rubbish Pommie television programmes

I take this opportunity to write to you about the appalling standard of television we receive from the Foxtel UK Channel. I am of course referring to Eastenders. How this poorly written drivel can be broadcast to Australian viewers is offensive. Murders, thieves and villains who walzt in and out of other peoples homes…without keys…who just … [Read the full story]

Jane Austen’s un-finished novel to be auctioned

The manuscript of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, The Watsons, is expected to fetch over $500,000 at an auction in London next month. Many of us may have wished she’d not finished any of her other novels…boring…upper-class pommie crap.

Elton John…pretentious or flambuoyant

Elton John has recently been interviewed by Piers Morgan for a Pommie TV show. And, I suppose it’s quite normal for someone such as Sir Elton…you know, doing interviews for TV shows. But here’s when Elton John becomes the flambuoyant person that he is…or is he just being a pretentious fuck head. The requirements for … [Read the full story]

‘All in it together’ – Rememberance Day

I was alive and lived through the World War 2 and we have to remember just how much Australia gave of itself during two wars, when war was declared and the free world joined together to fight for survival. Who do you think was first to back up the Motherland? Not wait for months or … [Read the full story]