Psychic predictions are utter bollocks

I have long been a sceptic where weird people see ghosts and predict the future. A bit like out of body experiences and flying saucers. These strange persons who say Elvis talks to them and pass on messages from beyond the grave. No, I cannot accept such clap trap. So imagine my chagrin when I … [Read the full story]

Sarah Ferguson is as shocking as her ex-husband

Fergie says that to pay back the $25,000 she took from her ex’s old pal, child abuser Jeffrey Epstein, she’s going to write a childrens book called Fergie’s Farm. Let’s get this straight…she’s going to write a childrens book, the profits of which will go to a man who grooms children for prostitution. So, who … [Read the full story]

We don’t want Prince Andrew representing us

We’re told the Queen is blind, deaf and dumb to Prince Andrew and his failings. Well she can’t be. Not any more. Not when those failings include enjoying the company of convicted paedophile, Jerry Epstein, a man who preys on teenage girls. And not when he gets massages from girls courtesy of Epstein. And certainly … [Read the full story]