Gargling lemonade COULD help you quit smoking

For those smokers desperate to give up the habit, scientists have an unusual solution…gargling with a glass of lemonade. They found that the interaction of sugar (known as glucose) on the tongue boosts attention as well as energy and can improve self control. This could help keep smokers away from the cigarettes at least in … [Read the full story]

Macca’s giving up the weed…man

Paul McCartney has revealed that he’s given up smoking marijuana for his daughter. The Beatles legend, who released his new studio LP ‘Kisses On The Bottom’ earlier this month said that he’d quit the drug because of his parental duties to his daughter Beatrice. He said: “I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, … [Read the full story]

Chain smokers have a genetic defect

Chain smokers battling in vain to quit may be able to blame it on their miswired brains, scientists revealed yesterday. The genetic defect makes many of them crave nicotine non-stop, according to researchers who claim to have pinpointed the fault. It lies in a “sub unit” of a receptor protein that normally squashes the urge … [Read the full story]