John Lydon wants nuffink to do with re-release

Sex Pistols singer John Lydon yesterday snubbed a bid to make their punk version of God Save The Queen No1 in Diamond Jubilee week. Fans plan an online campaign to push up sales of the anti-royal track, set for re-release in time for the national celebration in June. But Lydon, 56, formerly called Johnny Rotten, said: … [Read the full story]

Suede are reforming

Suede have reformed to perform at the O2, London, in December. But what about after the gig? What happens next? Suede front-man Brett Anderson reckons that every band that’s ever reformed has been rubbish the second time around. Well Brett, that’s not strictly true. Of course  it’s just opinionated drivel but when the Sex Pistols … [Read the full story]