Sergant Major’s voice is used in an action toy

An army sergant whose shout can be heard 1.5 kilometres away is the big noise behind a best-selling action toy. Sgt Major Bill Mott, who drilled troops for the royal wedding, was recorded yelling orders for the Character Group’s $30 Infantryman. But he was ordered to tone it down because he was too loud.  

Pippa Middleton left the wedding in a dress made out of loo roll

Pippa Middleton, left at her sister Kate’s wedding and right in a dress made of loo roll, is discovering her party girl past is coming back to haunt her. As maid of honour for her older sister Kate Middleton as she became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton became celebrated the world over after almost … [Read the full story]

Ricky Gervais has a go at the ‘mongs’ who camped out for the Royal Wedding

Last weekend, Ricky Gervais stunned fans as he launched an extraordinary foul-mouthed rant on his blog targeting the thousands of people who camped out for the Royal Wedding. In the blog post, the unpatriotic comedian referred to the time Prince Harry provoked a storm by dressing up in a Nazi uniform for a party, as well … [Read the full story]

At least Julia Gillard wore a hat to the Royal Wedding…unlike the British Prime Minister’s wife

Julia Gillard was at the wedding and shook hands with Royalty. I know she’s messing our beautiful country up, but she did us proud. The Royal Wedding invitations specifically asked all ladies to wear a hat…something that we’d all do, if we were invited to one’s Royal Wedding. But British Prime Minister David Cameron looked … [Read the full story]

It was the sixth biggest event in the history of the internet

There’s only one story around at the moment…and that’s the Royal Wedding.   And with such a massive focus on the ceremony between Prince William and Kate Middleton it was hardly surprising that millions turned to the internet to check out the latest details. Global news traffic peaked at around 1.30pm British time yesterdayAkamai, at 5.3million … [Read the full story]

David Beckham is exited and proud to be invited the Royal Wedding

Yesterday he was so excited about his Royal wedding invitation that he posted a video on Facebook to talk about it. And now David Beckham is en route to London for the big day. The footballer, who has been given special permission by his U.S. club the Los Angeles Galaxy to attend the event on … [Read the full story]

You can’t get away from the Royal Wedding, so there’s no point in getting grumpy

Well, even we have succombed to the Royal Wedding. It’s everywhere and there’s no real way of getting away from it. A friend in London tells me that people are genuinely exited. Well they should be exited…I would be……not for the wedding of course, but because everyone in Britain has been given a day off. … [Read the full story]

The Royal Wedding should be located to an area less built up

I have enormous respect for the UK security forces. They have had a great deal of experience dealing with terrorism. But the venue for the royal wedding is a dangerous risk. A few years  ago a hand operated rocket launcher was fired at the UK intelligence building on the Southbank. We can learn from this operation. The … [Read the full story]

Mouth watering portrait of the Royal couple

Artist Malcolm West has created a Royal Wedding portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton. But this is no ordinary portrait. It has been put together by using jelly beans…that’s right…jelly beans. Malcom reckons he used 11,000 of them. I’m no jelly bean expert, so I guess we’ll have to just take his word for … [Read the full story]

George Michael ‘skins-up’ a Royal Wedding song

Royal Wedding fans – the wait is over. Finally the biggest kept secret of the wedding of the year has been revealed – no it’s not who is designing Kate’s dress but actually the song George Michael has covered as a gift to the lucky bride and groom. The singer revealed last week that he … [Read the full story]

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