Demi Moore is into ‘Orgasm Inducing Yoga’

Demi Moore is said to be practising an intense form of yoga that induces an ‘orgasmic reaction’ after being introduced to it by close friend and fellow practitioner Russell Brand. The 50-year-old actress has been practising Kundalini yoga – referred to as ‘the yoga of awareness’ – at Nine Treasures studio in West Hollywood with … [Read the full story]

Randy Russell hits it off with Kate Peck

Russell Brand, who was in Oz on his I Am A Walrus stand-up tour, met up with leggy blonde model and MTV presenter Kate Peck, 25, at the ARIA Music Awards in Sydney. They hit it off instantly at last month’s bash…which they were both booked to present…and were seen together multiple times at the … [Read the full story]

Russell Brand soaks up the rays in Australia

He’s in Australia on his I Am A Walrus stand-up comedy tour. And Russell Brand, 37, has wasted no time in taking advantage of the warm summer weather. The comedian spent the day outside watching Australia play South Africa at cricket in Perth last week. The star looked relaxed as he sat in a box … [Read the full story]

Is Geri Halliwell ginger all over?

Russell Brand leaped to the defence of Geri Halliwell when a heckler at his show asked him: “Is she ginger all over?” The comic replied, “Don’t be dirty.” And he said of Ginger Spice: “She’s not got hair on her back. She’s not like an orange Yeti. “She’s not like some hairy Jaffa Cake bear. … [Read the full story]

Russell, of course we want to fuck Sarah Palin

Russell Brand is delving into the world of American politics – at least in the only way the comedian knows how. While promoting his FX Show Brand X With Russell Brand at the Television Critics Association, the funnyman made a comment about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. He told reporters that if she ever appeared … [Read the full story]

Graham Norton makes Russell Brands’ mum cry

Angry Russell Brand accused Graham Norton of making his mum cry after the chat show host asked him about his divorce. In an angry rant (cut from the programme) Brand, 37, also told the presenter he had stabbed him in the back. Graham decided he had to bring up the split after interviewing, US singer … [Read the full story]

Russell Brand verbally attacks heckler

Russell Brand bombarded a heckler with furious insults at a stand-up gig in the US. The Brit funnyman lost his cool with a male audience member who repeatedly shouted out the name of his ex-wife Katy Perry at his show in New Jersey on Saturday. Sick of the interruptions, Russell asked for the house lights … [Read the full story]

Katy and Russell were never going to last

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have signed on the dotted line to finalise their divorce. The pair have agreed to split their assets, and her husband of 14 months  has waived any claim to the chart-topping singers $44million. But despite the sad circumstances, in court papers which emerged yesterday detailing the end of their marriage, … [Read the full story]

What do chics see in Russell Brand?

He has an unshaven face, hair like a bird’s nest – and often looks like he is in need of a good hose down. So just why do women throw themselves at the feet of renowned lothario Russell Brand? This is just one conundrum that bothers modern society, according to a recent study – and … [Read the full story]

Gaga isn’t weird…she’s just plain old shit

While the world’s fashion critics waited with baited breath for Lady Gaga to take the stage at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards no one had any idea what they were about to see. The always eccentric and shocking star stunned the crowd as she performed dressed in drag, donning a scruffy looking ensemble of a … [Read the full story]

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