Pilot delays flight for a sandwich

A pilot who wasn’t happy with the onboard food menu reportedly delayed his commercial New York-bound flight for two and a half hours because he wanted sandwiches. Captain Noushad apparently asked the catering department at Pakistan’s Allama Iqbal airport (AIIAP) for his own tailored foodstuffs to take onboard. When they said they could only provide … [Read the full story]

McDonald’s are bringing back McFibs

Do you really want to eat at McDonald’s? McRibs are coming back on McDonald’s menus…and, for a limited time only, the pork and barbecue sauce sandwich promises ‘sweet, saucy temptation’ and a ‘fantastically flavourful’ ‘dream’ of a meal. But the dreams end there, according to the Humane Society of the U.S., which has condemned the … [Read the full story]

Cab driver gets kebabed

Police found a woman with an outstanding arrest warrant when she threw a pitta bread sandwich at a taxi driver in Colorado in a fit of anger. Sarah Renee Lane, 28, was arrested after getting frustrated with the cabbie, who refused to let her take the food into his vehicle. According to police reports, the … [Read the full story]