Are you too sexually overwhelming?

You may have been going out with your boyfriend for two years now and, in many ways, he’s probably perfect for you…with one caveat. Although he’s very loving, when we’re in bed he feels less engaged and doesn’t seems to experience the heights of passion you do. He has admitted he finds your intensity a … [Read the full story]

How to REALLY satisfy your boyfriend

There’s nothing wrong, or nothing stopping you satisfying your boyfriend for a weekend. 1. The second he comes home from work on Friday night, put a drink in his hand. Serve him comfort food.  shoulder massage while he watches what he wants on telly. Then let him drift off to sleep with no sex…so he’s … [Read the full story]

Tony’s Quiet Time

Hello to one and all. It’s been a while since I put pen to paper regarding my memoirs. But it really has been a busy time with Christmas and the New Year. It’s been a strange last few months for me. Chucking in my job at the warehouse, starting at the pizza delivery place and … [Read the full story]