Cheryl Cole will keep the Poms sizzling in 2012

The summer in Pommie-land is very over…but Cheryl Cole is making a good attempt to keep 2012 hot. The 28 year old singer shows Simon Cowell what he’s missing as she oozes sophisticated sex appeal with her stunning new shot for her official calendar. The Geordie (from Newcastle) beauty, who was axed from X Factor … [Read the full story]

It’s all about ‘Potent Charm’

Take a look around your friends and colleagues. The chances are that the most attractive among them possess not only beauty, but intelligence and potent charm as well. Doors open for them as if by magic. People fall over themselves to help them and these charmed beings seem to have far fewer problems than the … [Read the full story]

Happy, smiling, moody, brooding…is what we are most attracted to

Moody men get more girls and happy girls get more guys, according to a new study that explores the relationship between emotions and attraction. Asked to rate hundreds of images on sex appeal, women were least turned on by smiling, happy men and most turned on by men who were brooding. Men were the opposite…they … [Read the full story]

Raquel Welch is still hot at 70

She is often cast in the role of grandmother nowadays but Raquel Welch could still get away with playing parts cast to women half her age. The glamorous actress just turned 70, but you would never know it by looking at her! With hardly a line on her face, the stunning star added a bit … [Read the full story]