Dear Lily – I can’t get girls to sleep with me

Dear Lily, I’m having terrible trouble getting women to sleep with me, even though I have my chat-up technique honed to a fine art. Basically, after I have discretely drawn the woman’s attention to my semi-erect manhood by rubbing it slowly with a gloved hand and gesturing towards it with ‘come-to-bed’ eyes, I then purposefully … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Ahhh…the last team briefing of the year. I may include it specifically in my Advent calendar for 2013. I must stop getting eye contact with staff facing the manager, winking at them, pursing my lips whilst giving them a sexually smouldering stare and nodding my head towards the stationery cupboard with raised eyebrows and salacious … [Read the full story]

New pill could promote promiscuity and STD’s

Women will soon be able to buy a morning-after pill that works for up to five days after sex…without having to see a GP. Any woman aged 18 or over will for the first time be able to buy the powerful medication – called EllaOne –from certain branches of the Co-operative Pharmacy. But campaigners say … [Read the full story]

Pacino stars as shamed American football coach

Al Pacino is being lined up for a movie about shamed American football coach Joe Paterno – based on a story that rocked the US last year. Paterno was considered the most successful coach in the history of US college football for his work at Pennsylvania State University. But he was fired last year after … [Read the full story]

John Revolting requests lawsuit to Zanzi

Hollywood actor John Travolta is taking aim at the cruise ship worker who alleges the star sexually assaulted him. In court documents filed on Friday by powerful Los Angeles lawyer Marty Singer, Travolta requested the lawsuit by former Royal Caribbean employee Fabian Zanzi be dismissed and that Zanzi pay for legal fees. Travolta has apparently … [Read the full story]

Nicole Kidman doesn’t mind going naked

Nicole Kidman, who is an Oscar winner, says she doesn’t mind going nude for the cameras…as long as the director isn’t “just getting off”. Having bared all twice in Fur and alongside ex husband Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide  Shut, Nicole, 44, admits she is OK with stripping off for a scene. She says: “Maybe as … [Read the full story]

One of the worst dates in history

This could be one of the worst dates in modern history. Hiren Pinaken Shah, 22, took pictures of himself and a female friend engaging in sexual intercourse and allegedly sent said pictures to several contacts in the woman’s phone. Those contacts included the woman’s mother and 14-year-old brother, a police report says. According to the … [Read the full story]

Model speaks out about abuse from Jewish husband

A mother of four has spoken out about her ordeal at the hands of an Orthodox Jewish community- saying she was trapped in an abusive arranged marriage for six years. Pearlperry Reich, 30, says she was pushed into an arranged marriage with Sinai Meir Sholz in her home of Borough Park in Brooklyn, New York … [Read the full story]

KMART send wrong message on knickers

Kmart has been forced to recall a line of knickers with sexually suggestive text on them after a campaign by Twitter users. Pictures of the underpants emblazoned with messages like “Call me” and “I [heart] rich boys” were circulated on the social networking website, enraging many users who claimed they were sexist and promoted the sexualisation … [Read the full story]

Rihanna has a cunt of a necklace

Rihanna took things to another level last night, as she stepped out wearing a necklace spelling out possibly the most offensive word in the English language…which also happens to be my favourite curse-word. The 23-year-old star’s CUNT accessory…which she wore quite openly in public…will surely not go down well with the parents of her army of young … [Read the full story]

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