Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012. This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012. The criteria is anything you want it to be. You may like the artistic pose, the quality of … [Read the full story]

Have sex in the morning…release some good hormones

Want to start the day feeling healthy and positive? Have an early morning quickie! Research shows people who have sex first thing in the morning feel more upbeat, have  stronger immune systems and better hair, skin and nails because of the hormones it releases. Well, that doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to work out. … [Read the full story]

Is it normal to be off your face on drugs to have good sex?

Making love is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For some people, a good shag with a casual partner or a heavy session with a long-term lover is satisfaction defined. They relish in the natural, feel-good dose of sex-related chemicals coursing through their veins, culminating in a mind-blowing feat of orgasmic accomplishment. For others, … [Read the full story]

Suede are reforming

Suede have reformed to perform at the O2, London, in December. But what about after the gig? What happens next? Suede front-man Brett Anderson reckons that every band that’s ever reformed has been rubbish the second time around. Well Brett, that’s not strictly true. Of course  it’s just opinionated drivel but when the Sex Pistols … [Read the full story]

Beckham is pants

David Beckham is to launch his own brand of underwear when he hangs his boots up. And at 35, it may not be long before he does. Although, if he hadn’t have been injured, he would surely have performed better than most of England’s ‘shower of shit’ in this years World Cup in South Africa. … [Read the full story]

My mum is a proper slut

Mobile Porn fanatic, Barry Simpson, got the shock of his life when the latest hardcore clip doing the rounds turned out to be his mum! The 24 year old from Bristol, in England, was enjoying his usual Saturday night down his local when a friend passed round a video clip of his latest conquest. The … [Read the full story]