Carmen Electra says that she’s growing up

Former Baywatch babe, dancer, singer, model, movie actress and Playboy magazine favourite Carmen Electra, is dating music mogul Simon Cowell. She talked candidly in a recent interview about growing up. Here’s what she said: “I wish at 18 I had understood that in order to heal you have to feel. The key turning point in … [Read the full story]

Ian Watkins is a child-raping cunt

Lostprophets have issued a statement in response to yesterday’s news that their singer has appeared before a court facing charges relating to child sex offences. A statement on the Welsh band’s official website reads: ‘Following charges made today against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details … [Read the full story]

Ke$ha looks a bit saucy on US TV

Ke$ha, looks a bit saucy in a skimpy outfit as she performs a live set on American TV. The 25-year-old singer wore a customised floral and lace bodysuit with a sheer cross down the middle, fishnet tights and camouflage jacket for the appearance on The Today Show. She teamed the look with knee-high boots and … [Read the full story]

Rihanna’s got a bit of cheek

Rihanna reckons Cheryl Cole is hot as…but we think Rihanna is hotter, especially looking at this cheeky photo. The Umbrella singer shared her secret crush as she posed for some steamy new pics for Esquire. She said: “Cheryl Cole is hot. I would just like to watch her work. “Preferably cleaning things on the floor. … [Read the full story]

Pete auctions Amy Winehouse ‘blood-painting’

Pete Doherty will trouser a fortune auctioning a grisly painting splattered with the blood of Amy Winehouse. The artwork, called Ladylike, is being flogged with a bunch of the junkie rocker’s other belongings, including guitars, notebooks and his military jackets, later this month. A source said: “Bidding is expected to reach at least $100,000, but … [Read the full story]

Kylie still loves the hotpants

Kylie Minogue must have more hotpants than the Brazilian beach volleyball team. The singer dug out another pair of shorts for her gig at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne this week. Our Aussie treasure wowed the audience as only Kylie knows how. The only problem with the shorts…they’re not the best pair for carrying loose change. by … [Read the full story]

Mariah Carey looks hot in Jenny commercial

Mariah Carey can relate to many women’s weight loss journeys.  The 41-year-old singer is seen having a girly pow wow with some real Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig) clients in a new commercial for the company. The mother-of-twins is also seen showing off the results of her 30 pound weight loss following the birth of the … [Read the full story]

Madge is about to release a corking album

Madonna has always lived for dancing and singing, but she’s best at commanding attention. Now the singer is 53 and knocking out her 12th studio album, you might expect her tastes to change…but no. Her appetite for making music to get a sweat on to is showing no sign of dinner lady’s arm. I’ve had a listen … [Read the full story]

Adele will spit in her dad’s face if she sees him

Adele has vowed to spit in her dad’s face if she ever sees him again. The ’21’ singer, who has just moved into a $11 million mansion, has said that she was no longer interested in having a relationship with her father Mark Evans, who sold a story on her to The Sun last year discussing his … [Read the full story]

Whitney Houston fan sets light to her house

A Whitney Houston fan accidentally set fire to her home while holding a vigil for the singer. Anne Lomax, 53, had been playing the late star’s records and lit a candle in tribute, but this then caused her Manchester house to catch fire after she’d gone to sleep. Mrs Lomax was woken up her smoke … [Read the full story]

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