Man kills himself after seeing Them Crooked Vultures

A man is believed to have committed suicide because he was suffering from tinnitus for three months after watching a Them Crooked Vultures gig, according to reports. Robert McIndoe, 52, stabbed himself to death because he was unable to sleep due to the constant ringing in his ears after attending a show by the rock … [Read the full story]

Sam Gilbert’s cock is held by one of his team-mates, so he can piss up a shop window

A Queenstown resident claims St Kilda player Sam Gilbert urinated on a shop window before assaulting him during the club’s recent New Zealand trip. Restaurant owner Danny Carson said Gilbert “belted” him early last Sunday morning after he asked him to stop urinating on a shop window displaying All Blacks jumpers owned by his friend. … [Read the full story]

Suede are reforming

Suede have reformed to perform at the O2, London, in December. But what about after the gig? What happens next? Suede front-man Brett Anderson reckons that every band that’s ever reformed has been rubbish the second time around. Well Brett, that’s not strictly true. Of course  it’s just opinionated drivel but when the Sex Pistols … [Read the full story]