Penis hotpots and snake blood on the menu

Holding aloft a half-metre long horse penis, chef Xiao Shan confidently declares it “the most delicious” of the ingredients in a Chinese hotpot of male genitalia, one of many supposed Asian remedies to boost the libido. Penises and testicles from donkey, goat, dog, bull and deer, the other contributors to the $200 feast, are laid … [Read the full story]

Snake grounds plane in Sydney

A tiny exotic snake was found on a Qantas flight yesterday, leading to 370 passengers being delayed in Sydney overnight. Staff found the 20cm (eight inch) Mandarin Rat Snake in the passenger cabin near the door late on Sunday before passengers were due to board the Boeing 747 bound for Tokyo from Sydney International Airport, … [Read the full story]

Snake expert dies after viper bite

A German snake expert died after being bitten multiple times by a viper during a presentation aimed at helping people ease their fears of the scaly reptiles. Dieter Zorn, a 53-year-old herpetologist, died of a heart attack minutes after he was bitten by an Aspic viper. Zorn was in southern France performing his “Reptile Show,” … [Read the full story]

Snakes CAN open doors!

Snakes are pretty scary, but at least when they’re in zoos or you’re watching them from the other side of a glass tank you can sleep safe in the knowledge that they can’t get to you. This assumption may however prove to be your undoing, as footage has emerged of every ophidiophobe’s worst nightmare: A … [Read the full story]

‘Snakes on a Bus’ – could be a new movie

A bus travelling through central Vietnam was evacuated when dozens of poisonous snakes escaped from a sack. The bus stopped shortly after setting off from Da Nang city on its way to Quy Nhon City after a passenger saw a snake at her feet. “I felt something tickle my legs and saw a snake,” quoted … [Read the full story]

Elizabeth Taylor’s gold cape auctioned

The gold cape worn by Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor in the classic movie Cleopatra has sold for $50,000. The garment — designed to look like the wings of a phoenix — helped the 1963  blockbuster win an Oscar for Best Costume Design. Taylor wore it in scenes where Cleopatra entered Rome and when she committed  … [Read the full story]

Crazy chinaman puts poisonous snakes up his nose

Liu Fei pulls a snake through his nose and then out of his mouth – and survives to perform another day. Fei, from east China’s Jiangxi Province, has been performing the death-defying act for the past 30 years – what a charmer. Sometimes, when he feels like it, the 53-year-old will even use two 3ft … [Read the full story]

Black cats are not unlucky

Good news for black cats. They aren’t as unlucky as they’re proposedly meant to be. Contrary to superstition, they are 15% less likely to have an accident than other moggies, say insurers Petplan. Their unluckiest cat is a ginger cat called Leo, who was run over, fell from a tree, was bitten by a snake … [Read the full story]

Stunt man pulls cars with his eyelids!

A Chinese man is claiming to be the most versatile stuntman. Yang Guanghe, from the Guizhou Province in China has made a claim that he can perform more than 30 different tricks, which he recently performed in a one-man show in Changsha. Most of the audience were shocked as they watched him put a live … [Read the full story]

It’s the Cobra-wealth Games

As if the threat of terrorism, shoddy construction or dengue fever wasn’t enough, athletes and visitors to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi now have another potentially-dangerous hazard to consider – snakes. Continuing a dramatic build up to the event, which begins in six days, it emerged on Monday a full-grown cobra had to be removed … [Read the full story]