She’s hot

Well hello to all of you. The photo below is a bit voyeuristic,  but there’s only one word I can really use to describe this – ‘Snatch-Tastic!’ I’ve used this word before, and I’m sure I’ll use it again. But isn’t she just gorgeous…proper gorgeous… She is hot, sexy…you name it…she’s got it – apart … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Hello lovers of hotness. She has a lovely face, and very shapely up top But this photo is just snatch crazy! – I mean…that is a serious snatch. Don’t tell me you don’t fancy her, because you’d be lying. Not much else to say except, She’s hot – enjoy.

Oscars 2012 – the preview

Yes I’m back to give you the finite preview of this years Oscars. Last year I predicted correctly the worst director and the film with the highest saving on electricity which provided the Oscar for worst lighting director. This year ahead of the nominations I will give you the best inside information on which movies … [Read the full story]

He’s just a family Guy

Another little Ritchie kid is on the way…director Guy Ritchie and his model girlfriend are expecting a baby. Stunning Jacqui Ainsley, 29, is due to give birth to the couple’s first child in early September. It will be Guy Ritchie’s third baby, and a half-brother or sister for his kids with ex-wife Madonna. The delighted … [Read the full story]

‘Jordan Idol’ to be the next farcical reality TV show

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching, “Jordan Idol”. There’s to be a televised hunt for her successor. We have no more details as of yet, but my guess is, you’ll do well in the competition if you forget how to read and write, have your legs open for 22 hours a day, make your kids … [Read the full story]