Doesn’t anyone in this family like pussy?

Son said to dad “I’m gay.”   Dad looked at his other son and said “What about you?”   Other son said “Me too dad.”   Dad said “Doesn’t anyone in this family like pussy?”   The daughter said “I do…”  

Jacko’s kids approach Spielberg for work

Son of Michael Jackson, Prince, 14, has approached Dreamworks, which is owned by Steven Spielberg. Prince has asked him if he could work as a director on an animated sci-fi movie. You sometimes have got to hate these so called stars. What if I just turned on Steven Spielberg’s door-step and asked if I could … [Read the full story]

Liv Tyler speaks out about life after divorce

Actress Liv Tyler has spoken for the first time about the break-up of her marriage to a struggling musician. Liv, daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler, was wed to little known rock singer Royston Langdon and the couple have a son, Milo, who’s six. She said, “I had a rough couple of years, having Milo, … [Read the full story]

Christina Aguilera doesn’t waste time with new fella after filing for divorce

Christina Aguilera has agreed divorce terms with husband Jordan Bratman. Christina, 30, and music boss Bratman, 33, will share custody of their three year old son Max. At the beginning of February Bratman said the couple had agreed financial terms. They have a pre-nuptial agreement. Their divorce will now bwcome final on April 15th 2011. … [Read the full story]

Rod Stewart has baby number 27, and he’s only 98!

Rod Stewart has become a father for the eighth time after Penny Lancaster gave birth to their son Aiden. The rock star, 66, and his wife said they were ‘proud and thrilled’ to announce the ‘long awaited arrival’ of their second child, a brother to their five-year-old son Alastair. The couple told how they went … [Read the full story]

Anyone can be a dad, Elton, but you have to learn to be a father

What possessed Elton John to flaunt his newborn son across the pages of OK! magazine? This is the magazine where C-listers scrap to grab a bit of the limelight together with a big fat cheque. So why did one of the worlds richest men, one of the most famous pop-stars in the world, need to … [Read the full story]

Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s when he was President

Ronald Reagan’s son claims that his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease whilst he was Presdient. Ron Reagan said his dad looked “bewildered” during the 1984 presidential debates.

Ronnie Wood’s son also going through rehab

The son of Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood has been ‘going through rehab,’ his father has revealed. Veteran guitarist Ronnie, who himself has had seven stints in rehab during a three decade long battle against drink and drugs, has told how son Jesse has been receiving treatment. And Wood, who has now been clean for … [Read the full story]

Drunken mum’s 5 year old ‘Loves a drink’.

A DRUNKEN mum who plied her five-year-old son with drink has been jailed. Kylie Eastwood, 36, appeared at Latrobe Valley County Court this morning to be sentenced over the July 20, 2008 incident. Judge Margaret Rizkalla said she was not satisfied Eastwood’s sobriety over the past few years, with the exception of two relapses, constituted … [Read the full story]