Noel Gallagher’s lost without his little brother

Noel Gallagher has apologised to his brother Liam after claims that Oasis pulled out of V Festival in 2009 because the younger sibling had a hangover. Liam was considering legal action because the comments were “way beyond rock’n’roll banter and questioned my professionalism.” However, Noel admitted in a webchat earlier this week, “For the record, it … [Read the full story]

Hef’s bride to be, accused of kissing another man

Playboy supremo Hugh Hefner, 84, has backed his young girlfriend after claims she had an affair. He was forced to react to reports that Crystal Harris, 24, kissed a music producer three months before their wedding. Harris who grew up in England, was spotted getting cosy with songwriter Jordan McGraw. However, Hef insisted, “There is … [Read the full story]

Brooke Fraser ready to take on the Poms

Brooke Fraser is popular and talented. She’s already big in the Southern Hemisphere, and she’s releasing her first British single, ‘Something in the Water’ this month and her album ‘Flags’ gets released in April. Brooke, from New Zealand, is wide eyed about love and romance. Despite the Christian character of much of her music, she has been … [Read the full story]