On this day…in 1986

The space shuttle Challenger explodes just after liftoff on this day in 1986, killing the seven astronauts aboard. The Challenger was the second shuttle built by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It took its first flight into space on April 4, 1983, and made a total of nine voyages prior to January 1986. … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

Already this year’s election is prompting pollies to garner television coverage. Expect future Prime Minister hopeful Kevin Rudd, to appear more often on screen and in print. There’s been a sighting of the abducted missing child who was snatched in Portugal.  She would now be ten years old.  There was a possibility that she’d been … [Read the full story]

Russia is to send an unmanned probe to the moon

Russia are planning to send an unmanned probe to the moon in 2015. The craft, called Luna-Glob, or Moon-Globe, will be carried by the first rocket to blast off from a new facility that Russia is building in its far eastern Amur region. It will consist of an orbital module and a probe that would … [Read the full story]

World predictions for 2013

Next year has the magical number thirteen to generate good and bad over the coming twelve months. Europe is going through a tough time…it will get even tougher next year. Watch out for the UK to cause a few heart stopping moments for the Germans and French. In America the President will find his second … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Interesting discussion at work today when my Boss mentioned single sided paper. This shocked me as from a purely scientific position all paper has two sides and three dimensions, single sided paper therefore breaks all the laws of God and man, it is an impossibility, an abomination and a heresy. As in physics and mathematics, … [Read the full story]

Do aliens listen to our broadcasts?

Since the invention of radio more than a century ago, man has been broadcasting into space in the hope that any listening aliens could learn of our presence. Yet, despite waves travelling a distance of 200 light years in all directions, they still have 118,800 light years to go until the entire Milky Way has … [Read the full story]

Dave, you make it easy to take the piss out of you

Dave Grohl from the Poo Fighters has revealed that he wants to record the band’s next album in outer space. The frontman, who confirmed in December 2011 that they would be hitting the studio to work on a new album this year, told MTV that he had been struck by intergalactic inspiration when thinking about … [Read the full story]

Would you fancy travelling to space…next to Doutzen Kroes?

Stunning Doutzen Kroes aims to be the first super model to travel to space…to raise money for charity. The Netherlands born beauty, an ambassador for HIV charity dance4life, has been given a ticket for the first Dutch commercial flight to space in 2014. “I cannot wait to go,” said the Vogue covergirl. by Sasha Dubronitz

We can now see space with just a click, thanks to those WISE people at Nasa

Nasa have launched a spectacular window on the universe that anyone can peer through. A click of the mouse will show space fans millions of stars, galaxies gas clouds and other exotic cosmic objects. The celestial gallery, including countless new discoveries, was produced by a heat-seeking space telescope called WISE, launched in December 2009. Over … [Read the full story]

Parking sucks…money out of your pocket

Drivers waste nearly a year of their lives finding somewhere to park, a study has revealed. Most spend up to 15 minutes per journey looking for a space, adding up to 8,325 hours, or 347 days. It costs approximately $50,000 extra in petrol, according to Allianz Insurance, which has launched a parking application for mobiles. … [Read the full story]

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