New Zealand oil spill disaster is ‘worst in decades’

Oil spill from stranded cargo ship off New Zealand is the country’s worst environmental disaster in decades. Officials say 350 tonnes of oil may have leaked from the 775ft (236m) Rena, which ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef off the port of Tauranga on Wednesday. Bad weather has halted work to pump oil off the … [Read the full story]

Beer spill in Munich causes traffic chaos

Thousands of beer bottles en-route to pubs and bars in Munich have slipped off a lorry, smashing across a busy road and holding up traffic for hours. It was torture for beer-lovers watching on as firefighters washed the booze down the drains as they cleared the shattered glass. The big spill brought road chaos to … [Read the full story]

Bull semen worth $75,000 spills onto highway

It’s not often a huge load of steaming bull semen spills across a highway- but that’s exactly what happened when four vats fell from a bus and shut down an American interstate in Nashville,Tennessee. The wayward canisters containing the cattle sperm were first reported to police at 5 a.m. after motorists driving on the downtown … [Read the full story]