Man steals $210,000 from parking meters

A man has been jailed for stealing more than $210,000 from parking machines across New York – entirely in loose change. James Bagarozzo, who is a parking meter repair man, worked in Buffalo for more than 30 years and serviced its 1,200 meters. The 58-year-old rigged dozens of machines so deposited quarters never dropped into … [Read the full story]

Boy made to wear ‘I am a THIEF’ on his T-shirt

Parents are in uproar over the punishment a mother has handed out to her young son, making him wear a sign in public labelling him a thief. ‘Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief,’ the sign around his neck read as he stood in a park in Townsville in … [Read the full story]

Scumbags have no morals

Thieves stole eight brass plaques from a war memorial to sell as scrap. The tablets, bearing the names of 89 dead heroes were wrenched off a store monument in Lingfield, England, with crowbars. There are some real scumbags about. Surely there must be something else to steal…have these people no morals at all? People who … [Read the full story]