Secret Tommy Cooper jokes found and published

Tommy Cooper, who would have been 90 this year, liked to give the impression of utter chaos on stage. In fact, his calamitous attempts at magic tricks were meticulously choreographed.  He was a member of the magic circle, but one day, a trick went wrong, and everyone laughed their heads off.  So it sort of … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“24 hours in a day……24 stubbies in a carton of beer……one hell of a coincidence”

Women are bored because of their dull lives

A recent survey reveals that women are stuck in a rut because their lives are too ordinary. Six in ten disenchanted women in Britain say a lack of money, boredom with the same routine and appearance and a general humdrum has made their lives deathly dull. And without spending a load more money on research, … [Read the full story]