You MUST get into Westworld – it’s quality

My normal brief for Ozzie News is the movies and film awards. But I have been really impressed with the TV series Westworld. You can tell if a series is going to be a success by the quality of the scripts and the employment of great actors. Since Game of Thrones there really has not … [Read the full story]

China tries to keep a lid on ‘end of earth’ mania

The police in China have detained 101 people,, among them members of a fringe Christian group, for spreading rumours of the world’s impending end. It was reported that police confiscated leaflets, DVDs and other apocalyptic propaganda in the recent arrests in eight provinces across China. The detentions come ahead of Friday, December 21 – a … [Read the full story]

Woman goes out shopping and ends up in Hollywood movie

Stunned Marilyn Mantle popped into a shop in rural Wales, and left with a part in a Hollywood movie. A film producer signed her up for a thriller called ‘The Retreat’, starring Batman hunk, Cillian Murphy, and Mission Impossible II actress, Thandie Newton. The producer, on a break from filming near Gwynedd, told Marilyn that … [Read the full story]