Why is the Bible called the Bible?

Moses was responsible for the book called The Torah which means The Law. Many other books written by learned Jews were added over the years. It was in Alexandria that the books were combined and translated into Greek. Alexandria was built by Alexander the Great.  After his death one of his generals became leader of … [Read the full story]

Obama cast as Satan in TV show?

A US TV channel has courted controversy by casting an actor who looks remarkably like president Barack Obama to play the Devil on the hit show The Bible. Viewers noticed straight away that Satan looked a lot like Obama in the History Channel’s popular show, which aired on Sunday in the US. Well known Obama … [Read the full story]

Who REALLY wrote the Bible?

Many of the most asked questions about The Bible have been researched by the most learned theologians in the centuries from BC up until today. I  started to compile a list of the most obvious questions but quickly became side tracked by the beliefs of the various differing religions. For example, who was John the … [Read the full story]

Wino’s thought for the day

I don’t know if this is much of a ‘thought for the day’, or whether it’ll even make you think about it for more than thirty seconds. It may even drive you to drink…which in that case…come and join me for a swig or two. Here we go… The Bible was a consolation to a … [Read the full story]