Professor Brown’s talking bulltish

I read an article by Professor Brown on Ozzie News recently and thought what a load of bulltish! He reminds me of the people who blame all their woes on God. If God wanted to punish us, he wouldn’t need misguided clerics to set up camps to train young men to blow themselves up! Think of … [Read the full story]

Do you talk to your kids?

I think the thing I miss most is being able to talk to my grandad. My grandchildren don’t listen to me they play on their X-boxes. Are there too many electrical gadgets around today to influence our children with ipods, Wii, play stations, dvd players and television. When I was young I used to sit … [Read the full story]

The next time it’s the end of the world…sit back and have a smoko

I used to be a witness but gave it up after three explicit dates for the end of the world came and went, without a single flash of lightning or a thunder bolt…and then went back to smoking. Last weekend I waited up in anticipation of some strange phenomenon of people disappearing into the clouds. The … [Read the full story]

Who should really have the next World Cup

Could I offer my own view on how to choose the next World Cup country to host the finals? The committee (FIFA) may have finally decided on the criteria, no not cafeteria, for countries to achieve so they may be able to hold the World Cup Finals. Lots and lots of sand. NO alcohol to … [Read the full story]

Above the Law?

By TOG Fires in Parliament Square, flames surround Big Ben, attacks on the Prince of Wales and  the  Duchess of Cornwall. This could be arson, or treason, a threat to the monarchy. No, its students, and as we all know they are above the law. They say its the fault of MPs, they give a … [Read the full story]

Gay adoption: do we change the laws?

Am I a Homophobe? Do I agree with gay adoptions? The answer to both questions is NO. But I disagree with  minorities who force changes to the law, to which the majority disagree. Do the law makers really believe that Australians want gay adoptions? It seems to me that years ago homosexuals came out of … [Read the full story]

Which is the best beer?

Friday night I was joined by a  few old friends for a  discussion, and a good few swallows. The topic for the night was beer. One or two friends thought England was the place for real connoisseurs of the true taste of beer. Years of making and drinking the hop made liquid, from light colours … [Read the full story]

Oprah,Julia…take note, ‘happiness is a wife’

The redhead, Julia Gillard, leads the country but is not married. Oprah soon to visit us, also is not married. Not very good incentives to the rest of us to enjoy wedded bliss. The power and the money drive the few to achieve success,  but at what cost. Happiness is a wife. A mother who … [Read the full story]

The Old Git moans about…TV

TELEVISION A personal view. Is it only me, or do all TV presenters learn to giggle and talk at exhaustingly high speed.  Besides talking over each other and especially over any guests. They ask a question and before and answer is completed they talk over them  and change the subject. Traffic and weather persons are … [Read the full story]