On this day…in 1988

On this day in 1988, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson runs the 100-metres in 9.79 seconds to win gold at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Johnson’s triumph, however, was temporary: He tested positive for steroids three days later and was stripped of the medal. Ben Johnson moved with his family to the suburbs of … [Read the full story]

Mayor walks face first into TV camera

Standing in the political spotlight proved to be rather painful for Toronto mayor Rob Ford when he walked face first into a TV camera. The Canadian politician was left with a bruised ego and sore head after a TV crew member took close-up camera work to the extreme. He was rushing out of a committee … [Read the full story]

Jackie Chan’s Panda gets a close up of Yao’s tits

Jackie Chan went to work on two of his biggest stunts (that’s STUNTS) on Sunday. The 58-year-old stunt man and actor was tasked with saving Yao Xingtong and her modesty after the Chinese actress stepped out in a sheer dress and no bra. But Jackie rose to the challenge and gave Yao a stuffed bear … [Read the full story]

Beckham gets a beer can thrown at him

David Beckham reacted furiously after being pelted by a beer can in his first  game back for LA Galaxy. He was targeted during Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with Toronto on Wednesday. Becks, who was met by a chorus of boos throughout, stopped the game, held up  the beer can and gestured angrily at the crowd as officials … [Read the full story]

Gay penguins split as Buddy goes straight

One half of Toronto’s famous gay penguin couple has spurned his beau in favour of a female mate. Zoo keepers announced that the pair had officially split after Buddy, 21, got together with a female penguin, although Pedro, aged ten, is yet to move on. The duo nested together for around one year, and videos … [Read the full story]

Charlie Sheen causes chaos on Bipolar Awareness march

Hell raiser Charlie Sheen launched a bizarre rant at a “bipolar awareness” march…before insisting he didn’t have the condition. The Two and a Half Men star, 45, wore a hat emblazoned with the words “I’m not bipolar” as he led fans on the walk through Toronto. But he caused chaos in the streets when he … [Read the full story]

Gaga looks like a whore as she checks out hotel

Lady Gaga checked out of her hotel wearing a skimpy leather bra, leopard G-string and platform knee-high boots. The Born This Way singer wore the raunchy outfit with two tone black and white hair as she was leaving her hotel in Toronto, Canada. A fan said, “She came straight up to us . Her boobs … [Read the full story]

Ozzy and the tramp

Ozzy Osbourne was at his generous best in Toronto. A homeless man spotted him and shouted, “You rule!” Ozzy walked over and handed him a $100 bill. The tramp then asked him to sign it. When Ozzy got his pen out, the man added delightedly, “It’s worth a lot more now”.