Fabrice Muamba collapses in FA Cup match

One of the worst scenes experienced at White Hart Lane…and yet, we experienced the best of responses. Medics and physios from both clubs sprinted to his aid. Players and staff  stood together…stunned, shaken, shocked. Prayers were uttered. And then it began. The Bolton fans started it, the Spurs  fans quickly joined in. Muamba’s name was … [Read the full story]

Arsenal sign new players to get season going

Arsenal responded to their dismal start to the Premier League season on Tuesday by signing South Korean striker Park Chu-young and German defender Per Mertesacker on the penultimate day of the transfer window. Manchester City meanwhile were linked with the surprise capture of injury-plagued midfielder Owen Hargreaves. Some $560 million has already been spent by … [Read the full story]

The EPL is back – fixtures and transfers news

The EPL is back. It seems like it just finished and it’s starting again.   There’s a few transfers that have been going through and are’on the verge’ of completition.   Barcelona sources say they are “99.9% certain” that a $60m transfer will go through for Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal sources insist any final deal is … [Read the full story]

Barclays Premier League relegation round-up and end of season ladder

An exiting last game for most of us. West Ham were already down. Wolves were 3-0 down in the first half to Blackburn but got a bollocking at half time by Mick McArthy, and they came out and scored two goals, making the final result 3-2 to Blackburn. Birmingham, who beat Arsenal in the League … [Read the full story]

Spurs after Footballer of the Year, Scott Parker

Harry Redknapp will hold talks with chairman Daniel Levy over Tottenham’s summer transfer plans next week…and a move for Footballer of the Year Scott Parker will be top of his agenda. Redknapp confirmed he wants to bring the West Ham midfielder to White Hart Lane but knows he faces competition from Arsenal and Liverpool. The … [Read the full story]

Rafael Van Der Vaart is on a winner with Sylvie

In a way, it doesn’t matter if Rafael Van Der Vaart gets his team, Spurs, into the semi-final of the Champions League…because he’s certainly a winner off the field. The $12 million transfer from Real Madrid is just ratified by the Premier League, and Tottenham fans will be glad to see the mesmerizing skills of … [Read the full story]

Spurs aren’t such a little club

Brilliant Spurs. Brilliant Harry Redknapp. But can we please put a stop to this idea that Tottenham are to the Champions League what Iceland is to World Cricket. Yes, Spurs are an improved side…they are also an expensively assembled side. And they are up against some bloody good side who have bundles of money. But … [Read the full story]