She’s hot

This angel amongst angels was discovered on the internet. We usually get photos sent into us, but this time we were TOLD to go and get our arses in gear and follow the link that was sent to us. We’ve probably got a virus that will ruin all of our computers…but we don’t care! …because … [Read the full story]

Melt proof choccy biccy’s – what a waste of money

Man has been on the moon, and made countless advances in medicine and now scientists have been issued a new challenge…the melt-proof choccie biscuit. Understanding what is happening to chocolate at a molecular levels is enabling overpaid scientists with fuck all else to do, to develop chocolate that does not melt in warm climates. This … [Read the full story]

Hashimoto’s disease…sounds like a Pokemon

Today, Julie Neville looks the picture of health…but seven years ago it was a completely different story. Julie, married to Everton captain Phil Neville for 11 years, was a physical wreck. Having just given birth to the couple’s premature daughter, Isabella, by emergency Caesarean, Julie was experiencing a crushing fatigue like nothing she’d ever known. … [Read the full story]

Searching for the cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

M.E. is definitely not caused by a virus despite past claims, leading scientists say. They have ruled out a theory that the illness, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is triggered by little-known bugs found in blood. Two years ago researchers claimed to have made a breakthrough when they discovered a virus in blood samples … [Read the full story]