Charlie Sheen is to become a grand-father

The 47-year-old Anger Management star, Charlie Sheen, revealed that his 28-year-old daughter Cassandra Estevez and her husband were expecting their first child. ‘Me as a grandfather, Dave… I don’t know. It’s like the world’s going to crack in half,’ he joked. But Sheen quickly added: ‘It’s fabulous. It’s just not a title I’m ready to … [Read the full story]

Amy watched YouTube of herself when she died

It’s been revealed that Amy Winehouse spent her final hours drinking vodka alone in her bedroom and watching YouTube videos of herself, a court was told yesterday. A second inquest confirmed the 27-year-old died of alcohol poisoning at her north London home on July 23, 2011. Miss Winehouse drank so much that she stopped breathing … [Read the full story]

Psychic results of the 2012 London Olympics

It was many years ago my grandfather told me the story of a supposed Olympic Games, held in byegone days. A noted psychic by the name of “Psychic George”, had predicted the winners of the gold medals before the games had started.  So with the next games a mere few months away, I pass on … [Read the full story]

Man loves stealing vodka

Thief David Archer, 55, was sentenced for his 327th offence of shoplifting vodka, at Llandudno, Wales. In the past, he’s been known to say, “It wasn’t me”, even after he’d been caught on camera. Well, you can’t blame a bloke for trying.

Breathalyser gets breathalised

IN the most amusing moment from Halloween this year, a man from Nebraska, in the USA, dressed as a portable breathalyser machine was arrested for drunk driving. Matthew Nieveen, 19, was busted early Monday for Driving Under the Influence and being a minor in possession of alcohol. Strange…how can a MAN be arrested for possession … [Read the full story]

Ricky Hatton LINES them up

Former boxing world champion Ricky Hatton allegedly caught in wild binge Former boxing world champion Ricky Hatton has been filmed apparently taking cocaine in a 10-hour drink and drugs binge. Hatton, who beat Kostya Tszyu in 2005, was secretly recorded snorting seven lines of the illegal drug in a Manchester hotel room. The 31-year-old is … [Read the full story]