Professor Brown’s talking bulltish

I read an article by Professor Brown on Ozzie News recently and thought what a load of bulltish! He reminds me of the people who blame all their woes on God. If God wanted to punish us, he wouldn’t need misguided clerics to set up camps to train young men to blow themselves up! Think of … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I experienced a relatively rare emotion today…enthusiasm. At lunch over a coffee I was discussing cabbages and Kings with a colleague of mine. For some reason we were discussing the history of warfare and meandered into the ancient world, specifically the Spartans. I recalled that the word “laconic” was related and was rather pleased that … [Read the full story]

Why are we in this predicament?

Do you, like me, often wonder why we are struggling to understand the reasons for higher prices? Also, the crashing of stocks and shares, the change in monetary rates? Because the Australian dollar is so strong against other currencies, which is good if you like to holiday outside Australia, but bad for our exports. Then … [Read the full story]

Year of the sequels

It’s that time again when the block busters are on our screens once more. Undoubtably the biggest money earner will be the last in the series of Harry Potter. The Deathly Hallows part one made over a billion dollars at the box office. Part two is expected to surpass that amount.  There is a lack … [Read the full story]