On this day…in 1915

During World War I, Britain suffers its first casualties from an air attack when two German Zeppelins drop bombs on the eastern coast of England. The zeppelin, a motor-driven rigid airship, was developed by German inventor Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin in 1900. Although a French inventor had built a power-driven airship several decades before, the … [Read the full story]

Kristina Rihanoff is told to do a ‘sexy calendar’

It’s not often boyfriends encourage their partner’s to strip off for steamy photo-shoots, but boxer Joe Calzaghe isn’t the average partner. The world boxing champion told his girlfriend to go ‘bad ass’ on her first calendar shoot, words which she certainly took to heart. From revealing black lingerie on a motorbike to wearing nothing but … [Read the full story]

Flintoff smashes weird world records

English cricket hero Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff was on a mission to smash some weird  world records for yesterday. The former England captain took on a range of wacky challenges in a bid to  break 12 records in 12 hours to raise cash for the charity. And he finished the attempt with a bang…by letting off … [Read the full story]

Churchills teeth will be sold for shit-loads

Second World War leader, Winston Churchill, has his false teeth on auction this month. They are expected to fetch around $25,000 at a Bonhams auction in London.

TOG moans about…our red-headed leader

What did we do wrong? How long did it take me to realise I had backed the wrong horse? Australia was warned by Budgie that the policies were the same, only the leader had changed. Unfortunately he then pursued different views which alienated the voters. But he was right…how long did ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd … [Read the full story]